Henry Knowles


Henry, known as the # 1 Salsa DJ around the world, is the DJ’s disc jockey, spinning that tension-building beat and filling dancers with “√°nimo.” With “la clave” in his heart and the music in his veins, he carries his passion for Latin culture and music in his work. This very special disc jockey’s mixing abilities are unmatched and respected worldwide.

DJ Henry Knowles’ career nearly translates into Salsa evangelism as he spreads the beat and his love for Salsa rhythms on a global scale. His extensive travels include appearances in over 30 countries and 100 cities throughout the United States, Canada, Caribbean, European Regions, Mediterranean, Middle East, Mexico, Central – South America and Asia.

He also serves as our advisory consultant and the head DJ for the festival. He travelled to Thailand first time in 2007 and join festival as a main DJ. He has fallen in love with Thailand ever since. Henry decided to move to Thailand in 2012 and now he bases in Pattaya and run a successful weekly event at the Havana Club, Holiday Inns hotel.

Henry has experience more than 30 years in Salsa dance and music business and he truely is a professional DJ not just in Salsa music, but he can also play in different music styles. His expertise truely is benefical to SBF.