Vaya Sato


After getting MBA degree in NY in 2004, Vaya!Sato met Eddie and Maria Torres in NYC and learned NY style On2 Salsa for three and half years and started performance with Eddie’s choreography in 2007. Vaya!Sato’s dance style is very spontaneous and logical based on Latin feeling and Lead and Follow principle, and his focus as an instructor is shine step, especially Mambo and Pachanga, which he learned in NY and which is getting more popular in Japan now for his enthusiastic effort.

Since 2011, he has been managing performance teams called “Vaya!Azucar”, “Vaya!Tres” and “ABC shine project”. In 2017, Vaya!Sato established two new men’s Mambo shine teams. One is traditional Mambo style team “KRB66 – Kan-Reki Brothers -”, all members of which are over 60 years old. The other is cool Mambo style team “Vaya!Mambo No.1”. Vaya!Sato also perform with Yuko Bosch in their traditional NY Mambo style. As a board member and examiner of Japan Salsa Association, an official professional Salsa instructor organization, he is working on widespread of Salsa dance in Japan.