Aoy & La Rueda


AOY Thattima, considered to be one of the top salsa & bachata dancers, instructors and choreographers in Thailand. She was first introduced to salsa in year 1999. Started off as a fun hobby very quickly turned into a passion that eventually took over her life! She has been travelling many times to learn with one of the top salsa teacher SAMANTHA BRAVA (Salsamotion Dance Academy) in Seattle USA in year 2004, and start performing on different occasions.

She had competed locally in several salsa competitions ; ‘Salsero Supreme Dance Battle & Best latin Dance contest in year 2000. One of her most impressive and memorable salsa experience was when her and Roj (dance partner) both were selected to perform at the most prestige and biggest L.A Salsa Congress.

Aoy Thattima has performed and presented her own choreography at numerous local and International Latin dance events. She represented Thailand at the Salsa Hong Kong Congress 2005 (with Roj) and the 1st annual Salsa India Fiesta 2005 (with Joschi), Singapore Salsa Congress 2007, India Salsa Congress in Bangalor 2008 and World Bachata Malaysia 2015 and many more.

She has been recognized and respected by many students and fellow professionals for her amazing salsa & bachata teaching ability apart from her performance. She has conducted many ladies styling and Salsa/Bacha partnering and performance classes.

Currently Aoy still remains as Director and Salsa/Bachata dance instructor of La Rueda Club & Dance Studio and one of co-organizer of the Salsa Bangkok Fiesta, the largest and longest running salsa festival in Thailand.