Jeremy Sim & Yohei Mikawa


Being born in Christchurch, New Zealand to a Malaysian-Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother, Jeremy has been accustomed to different cultures. In 2009, he decided to adopt the Latin culture and began his Salsa Dance journey. He has competed in multiple competitions over the years, winning various titles around New Zealand and Australia. Fusing his urban style with Salsa and other Latin dances, he is a creative choreographer who likes to think outside the box and entertain the crowd with his performances. Since 2013 he has formed and directed his performance group, “Encanto Entertaiment NZ”.

Yohei is of Japanese and New Zealand decent and has been dancing since 2013. He has won various dance championships around New Zealand and Australia over the past few years, including the New Zealand World Latin Dance Cup Male Soloist Category and Open Partnered Salsa Category. Being a 3rd-Dan Black Belt in Karate, Yohei is disciplined in all art forms and can break down technique whether in Martial Arts or Dance. He currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand and is Teaching Salsa & Bachata as head instructor in Tempo Dance Company NZ.