Gupson Pierre


Gupson Pierre, hailing from Montreal, Canada, is the artistic director of Attitude Dance Studio, Singapore. Gupson has more than 15 years of formal training in Ballet and Jazz and has injected the same dedication into Salsa. As one the pioneers in the Singapore Salsa scene, Gupson has been teaching Salsa in Singapore for the last 17 years.

The first Salsa Instructor base in Asia to be Honored at The West Coast Salsa Congress in Los Angeles California 24th May 2008, starting teaching in New york Salsa Congress 29th August 2008. He is credited to have introduced Cross Body Lead Style Salsa and, Defending Dancing Salsa On1 and On2 in Singapore and Malaysia as well as Bachata, Casino Rueda, Exotic Dance (Burlesque), and Kizomba as well. Gupson’s continues to perform and teach Salsa extensively in Asia and around the World.