Francisco Garcia, born in Nicaragua, has been exposed to salsa from a very early age. His deep love of music started around the age of 10 when he began to play the trumpet, leading him to appreciate the many intricacies that compose the musical arrangements of Salsa. Francisco started collecting music, falling for the sounds of Guaguanco, Salsa Dura and Guajira, eventually leading to his love for the sounds of traditional bachata.

Francisco has collaborated and worked with various event organizers and schools over the years, leading to holding his own events in Edmonton, Calgary, Niagara Falls, Montreal and Toronto. He has headlined at several large events like SalsaGlam, Bachatu, Chim Pum Callao (now Muevetres), Canada Salsa Congress and the Montreal Salsa Convention, to name a few. He often DJ’s at Toronto’s SAS and Fusion events, the infamous Sunday Social as well as a variety of school socials. Francisco is the co-owner of Dame Tu Bachata – the largest Bachata Social in Canada! He also created a weekly event called The Bachata Room, playing a fantastic mix of bachata and salsa.