For over 12 years DJ Montuno has been Canada’s widest travelled and most popular Salsa Festival DJ. Based in Montreal, he has DJed at all the major Canadian salsa events, including the Montreal Salsa Convention, the Canada Salsa Congress, and the Quebec City salsa festival, to name a few. He has been the host DJ and musical director for the Vancouver International Salsafestival since its inception in 2010, and has also been the host DJ for the Calgary International Salsa Congress for the past 9 years. He has also DJed events in Europe, Asia, and major events in the US including the New York International Salsa Congress, and the LA Salsa Congress. In collaboration with his DJ team at “ Baila con Gusto – Montreal”, DJ Montuno also hosts one of Canada’s largest and most influential weekly socials in Montreal. He is known for his ability to adapt his sets to the suite style of the venue and the enthusiasm of the dancers, while staying true to musical influences from the New York salsa scene.