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About Salsabangkok
You can get in touch with Salsabangkok.com by email us at salsabangkok@hotmail.com. Here is the team that makes salsabangkok.com come true.
Apple lived in New York for 10 years. She got her master's in Facilities Management from Pratt Institute and Design Management from Harvard University. Besides her work as a Director of Marketing at Facilities Management Consulting Firm in New York, she was also a dance instructor and a performer at Tropical NY Dance School (www.tropicalny.com). She has been dancing since 1997 and her focus is on social and cultural dances. She travelled to many countries in Europe, Latin America and Caribbean to explore various dance forms such as Afro-Cuban, Bellydance, Argentine Tango, Zouk, and Carnival Samba. In 2001, she performed Salsa and Bossanova at The Tiara Room, Dusitani Hotel with Aochan Nagamoto. She started the first Zouk class at La Rueda in 2003. Now she is back in Bangkok and she offers various classes.
Aoy (Thatima Sukjai)
Aoy is one of Thailand's top female Salsa dancers. She has mastered a lot of different Salsa styles and is always adding new moves to here repertoire. She has been travelling several times to the US for learning with some of the best teachers. Since last years she has also started to perform on different occasions with her dancing partner Roj. She represented Thailand at the Salsa Hong Kong Congress 2005 (with Roj) and the 1st annual Salsa India Fiesta 2005 (with Joschi). Although she claims not to be a teacher, she has always generously shared her skills and knowledge with the Salsa crowd in Thailand and beyond and conducted a number of lady's styling class at La Rueda. Besides her dancing skills, she also has a good taste for dressing. In her professional life she runs a nice spa, called "Jolie Spa" in Bangkok - the right place to recover of a long Salsa night in Bangkok.
Joschi (Jost Wagner)
Germany-born Joschi (spoken "Yoshi") has been addicted to Salsa and Merengue for a long time. He got infected with the "Salsa Virus" in 1992 on a trip through South America. He has lived in India from 2001-2004 and is one of the founding fathers of Salsa in Northern India. After the Tsunami he moved to Phuket and in 2006 he joined the Salsa Bangkok Fiesta Team. Thanks to his job as the managing director and lead facilitator of the Change Initiative - a leading training and facilitation company in the region – he travels a lot and dances Salsa, Bachata and Merengue on Asia’s dancefloors and beyond whenever his busy schedule permits.